Goodmama makes modern natural sports facilities for children
Goodmama makes modern sports facilities for children. The main materials are natural wood and love. And we made a complete rebranding for them. We used such materials: creativity, professional skills, and auxiliary elements.

We have developed an identity, a dynamic logo, adapted and laid out facilities instructions, and also created 3D models of each complex and detail.

Everything in identity is simple and laconic, but at the same time interesting. The dynamic logo follows the working mechanism of the wall bars. The logo cubes symbolize childhood, and the graphic elements on them are the details of goodmama gadgets.

Now all the instructions for the complexes are designed in the same style and are easy to read. It is as easy as shelling pears to assemble a complex on your own. And ordering and making a full-fledged gadget on the site is easier with all 3D models.